The simple question is, why me? Why this guy, standing near a tree that shades a path leading to uncertainty? Well, if you live in North Malibu, you probably know where that path leads! Anyway… I digress.

The point is, I have achieved that feeling ┬áthat I suspect you’re looking to achieve. Like any great coach, I must have the perspective, the vantage point, the experience that earns your trust and confidence.

It is perhaps bold to say that everything we strive to do, have, or be is driven by the unconscious ‘motive’ to feel better about ourselves. Nobody wants to feel alone, worthless or unlovable.

So we try very hard in life as we compulsively search for a sense of belonging and self worth in all the wrong places… alcohol, drugs, relationships, cars, clothes, jewelry, food, approval of others… the list goes on. It is a tiresome search, an empty and soul draining search. We unknowingly mistake excitement for happiness, for it is all we’ve known. True peace, joy and contentment have eluded us our whole lives. I know this story all too well, as I’ve been there countless times.

There are many ways to realize true, or Innermost happiness, I have since found one – and pieces of others – all of which I may draw from in our work together. I have always been a seeker, as I believe our purpose is to spiritually evolve and be the example in our daily lives.

I will be as passive or active with my experience and insights as your needs dictate. You may just want someone to surf or play golf with. I’m there… right by your side! Regardless of the activity, my purpose is to be present, build your trust, provide a safe and comfortable environment, share relatable experiences, find common interests and enjoy the process.

Together we can maximize your potential for long term recovery and all the new possibilities that come with it!

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